WECCO is a dynamic group with a clear vision. We focus on finding customized solutions for our clients by working alongside them. With the expertise and capabilities within the group, we have emerged ourselves as an innovative logistics provider, on land, by sea, by air, break bulk movers and door deliveries world wide.

What began as a vision of the WECCO GROUP and as it's inception has been rapidly transformed into reality, today WECCO is well positioned to provide the best logistic services available in the world and has become one of the major players in "Multimodal Logistics" and competent in the region . The move has enabled WECCO GROUP to synergies its effort to further develop and grow in strength and profitability. We are confident that we can hold our own with the best in town and overseas.

WECCO was incorporated as a partnership company in the year 1992 in Sri Lanka as a Freight Forwarding Company to handle in-house cargo. Since 2006 we are registered as a Limited Liability Company in Sri Lanka with over 50 specialists in Freight Forwarding, Shipping and Trading Industries. With an innovative spirit born now WECCO is a company nurtured out of this innovative culture. We would like to pride ourselves as an "Out of the Box" thinking company. By thinking beyond the clients' parameters we have often found innovative ways to address their needs and requirements. In many instances we formulate solutions and achieve project objectives on our own abilities, with our own people. Our team meets regularly to find delivery solutions at lower cost to our clients. The ability to think on a multilevel and different perspective has resulted profitability in the creation of new systems, new innovations and new solutions. WECCO expertise, knowledge and commitment enable it to deliver the kind of quality and service that builds lasting relationship and bring satisfaction beyond expectations.

Our Rates

Pleas contact us on info@weccogroup.com for the bests rates for our inquiry


Interested in joining WECCO? mail your CV to info@weccogroup.com

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